This study aimed to explore the concept of network marketing agility and the underlying parameters to support a more concise explanation. This study is part of a dissertation study applied to the analysis unit of private higher education institutions. The parameters of network marketing agility includes initiative, responsive, agile and proactive attitudes in the establishment of partnerships and collaborations, the facilitation of team empowerment (in the form of work communication and corporate support for  teamwork formation), harmonization including in the working rhythm, complementarity between units within institutions, and agility of social network activities (initiative, agile, responsive, and proactive to take part in social activities including tradition and wisdom). The existing literature reveals that so far, no research has captured the holistic view of network marketing agility.  Previous articles tend to more discuss agility on manufacturing industries. Thus, this study is considered to have a unique and significant contribution to the literature.


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Client : Avianita Rachmawati, S.Sos., M.M.
Location : Ende – NTT

Back to the research problems articulated at the beginning, by considering these opportunities, it can be concluded that network marketing agility is a new conception that successfully facilitates the turmoil of managerial practices in the management of private higher education institutions regarding how they should be agile, skilful, adaptive and flexible in managing and improving internal and external partnership networks. Agility is an intangible asset that can be used as a corporate competitive advantage. Placing the findings reported in this article for use is considered to be useful to remember the following main managerial implications:

  1. In this study, we expand and deepen the new conception of network marketing agility because the existing literature reveals no studies discussing network marketing agility to date.
  2. This study also strengthens the parameters that form network marketing agility in the context of private higher education institution competition.
  3. It is highly important for every higher education institution to improve skills, competence, and agility to maintain relationships with internal and external partnerships and maintain long-term relationships to understand what becomes the trend of long-term market needs.
Conceptual of Network Marketing Agility and its Implications